Helping Contractors With Safe, Compliant and Reliable Lift Equipment!

With over 25 years experience in the contracting business working with aerial lift equipment and safety supplies, the staff at Axiom has the knowledge and expertise you need! With the ever growing need and importance for quality aerial equipment and services for contractors, commercial clients and homeowners alike, Axiom is completely focused on helping contractors with safe, compliant and reliable lift equipment.

Today, building on our past successes, Axiom Lift Equipment offers high quality aerial equipment rental, sales, refurbishment and parts, including safety equipment and training to a broad client base across Western Canada.

We’d love to offer our expertise to meet your aerial equipment rental, sales, refurbishment and safety needs. For more information or a quote, CONTACT US TODAY

Axiom Lift Equipment at Work and Play

Working in the sky can be fun! Check out some of the things you can do in the sky with our aerial equipment in our videos and photos.