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Axiom VIP Program

Date Published: February 1, 2019

The Axiom VIP Program is exclusively for customers with large projects with diverse and dynamic equipment needs. Our customers with complex, time-sensitive project requirements will receive a customized solution that guarantees quick and convenient service and equipment supply 24/7.

VIP Advantages

  • Vendor managed inventory (stand-by equipment)*
  • Cost incentives and platinum rates
  • Dedicated account management for single point of contact
  • Proactive maintenance and rental protection
  • Logistics management for shipping and billing
  • Rebate Rewards
  • First Priority Equipment
  • On-Demand Hotshot Services

Two simple requirements:

  1. Minimum equipment commitment
  2. Execute VIP agreement

The benefits for VIP members include enjoying perks such as:

  • Save money. Preferred rates + pay only when equipment is needed
  • Save time. Flexible equipment access + vendor managed inventory
  • Efficient operations. Expert advice for best-fit equipment selection and use
  • Personalized service. Streamlined operations – 24/7 account management
  • Continuous operations. On-demand access to back-up equipment.

* Vendor-Managed Inventory

Quickly and easily access more equipment as you need it! Two simple requirements:

  • Equipment must be put on rent within 4 weeks of delivery or rental starts anyways.
  • Should another client require the equipment prior to you putting it on rent, we ask you to be willing to load their truck.