Axiom VIP Program

Date Published: February 1, 2019

Axiom Equipment Group VIP Program

VIP Program for Industrial Equipment Rental or Purchase

The Axiom VIP Program is exclusively for customers with large projects with diverse and dynamic equipment needs. Our customers with complex, time-sensitive project requirements will receive a customized solution that guarantees quick and convenient service and equipment supply 24/7.

VIP Advantages

  • Vendor managed inventory (stand-by equipment)*
  • Cost incentives and platinum rates
  • Dedicated account management for single point of contact
  • Proactive maintenance and rental protection
  • Logistics management for shipping and billing
  • Rebate Rewards
  • First Priority Equipment
  • On-Demand Hotshot Services

Two simple requirements:

  1. Minimum equipment commitment
  2. Execute VIP agreement

The benefits for VIP members include enjoying perks such as:

  • Save money. Preferred rates + pay only when equipment is needed
  • Save time. Flexible equipment access + vendor managed inventory
  • Efficient operations. Expert advice for best-fit equipment selection and use
  • Personalized service. Streamlined operations – 24/7 account management
  • Continuous operations. On-demand access to back-up equipment.

* Vendor-Managed Inventory

Quickly and easily access more equipment as you need it! Two simple requirements:

  • Equipment must be put on rent within 4 weeks of delivery or rental starts anyways.
  • Should another client require the equipment prior to you putting it on rent, we ask you to be willing to load their truck.