Case Studies

Saskarc industries is an industrial site equipment sales and rentals supplier. As a trusted supplier serving the construction mining petrochemical and power generation industries we rent and sell heaters, air compressors, fuel transport / storage equipment, generators, lighting towers, pumps and safe access equipment .

Working with our international accredited equipment manufacturers we have the ability to provide products on-demand through flexible procurement options like rentals, standard purchases, rent to own programs, rent buy-outs and leasing.

Our specialty expands beyond the products we rent and sell to becoming a trusted advisor helping our clients solve the problems they face everyday in the office or in the field. The dedicated team of professionals at Saskarc always works with the future in mind we know that our customers want longevity and serviceability out of every piece of their equipment.

Delivering the Goods

Oil Sands: Quick Turnaround = No Downtime

Industrial heater for onsite excavation

Heater delivered with less than 24 hours turnaround.

The Challenge: A large industrial contractor was building a new SAGD site near Cold Lake, AB. They already had a large number of our heater unit’s onsite for the winter months but late February saw temperatures drop further. This created an instant demand for four more HI770 heaters and two of our E3000 ground thaw units and we were contacted early one Friday afternoon.

The Solution: Saskarc’s staff was able to respond immediately and the urgent order was PDI’d to leave on the Saturday morning, with two extra full flat deck trailers leaving our yard less than 24hrs after they placed their call. Our client was much relieved when their crew was able to start work on Monday AM with the much needed equipment fully setup.

Round Construction: Equipment in a Flash

The Challenge: HWY 63 in Northern Alberta had a large traffic interchange project well underway and the road builder had ordered four large 8” pumps to divert the spring runoff as well as a creek diversion. An early thaw at the beginning of March caught them unawares.

The Solution: One quick phone call to Saskarc saw the additional pumps and hoses on the way and they were able to tackle the rising water. A week later the temperature dropped back below freezing and the runoff slowed drastically. The road building crew called again and was provided with the smaller 4” pumps which served them well until the temperatures hit -30! At that point even the 4” pumps froze solid. Another quick phone call to Saskarc and our service technician onsite within 2hrs to restore the equipment to working order.

With everything under control our customer commented “When we needed pumps, you guys delivered faster than we could get them locally. Then when we needed service, the tech was onsite within 2hrs! That is unheard of in this country!”

Pipeline Industry – Everything in Its Place

The Challenge; The client’s parts inventory was disorganized to the point that it was becoming time consuming and costly to manage. Locating the right parts for regular maintenance was a challenge that was costing time and money.

The Solution: Saskarc gathered the information from the customer and developed a “One Order” system that suits the needs for all of their equipment’s filters. Now instead of having to order and manage up to ten part numbers for one oil change, they simply order one kit that is prepackaged and contains every necessary filter, and includes the required rags. The kits can be ordered in 500 hour or 1000 hour configurations.

Municipal: Emergency Flood Control – Beyond The Call

The Challenge: One wet weekend a number of Rural Municipalities called in to source pumps to transfer significant water buildup in areas threatened by flooding. This included a few towns and many rural properties.

The Solution: After taking the call our sales and operations team took immediately dispatched the needed equipment along with manpower. The volunteer crew spent many ‘after hours’ hours fighting the flood from setting up pumps to sandbagging. Their labours were key in saving many properties as well as preserving important infrastructure such as roadways and dams.

Industrial Rental Pump

Creek diversion industrial pump.

Commercial Construction: Knowledge is Power

The Challenge: A client called in, looking for a uncommon and costly 50KW generator in a low usage application.

The Solution: Knowing that the scope of work in question did not usually require 50KW of power the Saskarc Equipment consultant asked additional questions in order to determine if the sizing was correct. With the resulting information and a quick calculation it was determined that the actual requirement was only 20KW. Taking the time and having the experience to ask the right questions and form the calculation ultimately resulted in significant monthly rental cost and fuel cost savings.