Financing Options For Rental or Purchase of Industrial Equipment

The decision to rent or purchase equipment is definitely an internal decision. Factors like budget, timing, and even the job site location can determine whether you temporarily rent or purchase your equipment. Axiom Equipment Group offers flexible purchasing options to suit any budget or project schedule.

Finance Purchase Option (FPO)

The value of the unit is divided by 6, 8, or 12 months with a small interest fee.

Rental Purchase Option (RPO)

A portion of your rental fee goes towards the purchase of the equipment.

Standard Rental 

This is perfect if you don’t want any hassle of servicing your own equipment and don’t want assets.

Standard Purchase

This is perfect for long-term projects or if you want to own and resell your equipment. We offer competitive purchase prices and have a large inventory of new equipment.

Standard Used Purchase

Same high-quality standards. Less cost. Choose from our wide selection of well-maintained, field-ready used equipment.