Janna Ogle

Janna Ogle

HR Manager

Janna Ogle joined the Saskarc team in 2019, and brings both a wealth of diverse experience and philanthropic values to her role as HR Manager.

Janna’s passion of helping others began with her education in the Faculty of Nursing, transpiring to her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce where she specialized in Human Resources and Business Development. During her studies she started an Oilfield Consulting firm with a business partner, where she grew the small company from two to 17 employees in a competitive industry. During this time, Janna also worked fulltime for a developing hotel chain based out of Alberta; leading the corporate team in developing and fostering the capacity and capabilities of current and prospective human capital. Her roles have included Human Resources Manager, Controller, and Business Analyst; all functions from the foundation up to build success and sustainability.

Janna is a strong believer in continuous education, attending educational events at McGill, Harvard and the University of Saskatchewan, and is currently working on her thesis for her Master’s in Psychology through the University of Calgary. Janna’s values are what have driven her success both professionally and personally; honesty, integrity, trust and respect are always at the forefront of everything she accomplishes. Janna leads in a democratic and strategic fashion, ensuring the best decisions for the business and employees are respected.

Janna brings a wealth of experience and dynamic leadership skills that are intertwined with her values that will be an essential part of Saskarc’s growth, sustainability and development.