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Industrial Air Compressors For Sale & Rental

All of our high-quality, energy-efficient and cost-effective industrial air compressors are available for sale and rental in North America, with varying cfm capabilities to meet your industrial and construction jobsite needs.

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Our air compressors are easy to maintain and have long continuous run-hours for maximum uptime, ensuring you never experience downtime.

Our air compressors are ideal for countless applications, including general construction, pneumatic tool operation, mining, abrasive blasting operations, industrial applications and pipeline testing.

Our air compressors are available in 185, 200, 375, 400, 600, 800, 915 or 1,600 cfm. Our hard-working, heavy-duty compressors are built to excel in rugged conditions with features such as heavy-gauge steel enclosures, heavy-duty tandem-axle running gear for easy towing, and construction-grade pedestal jack stands.

Designed for easy serviceability, our air compressor models feature a double-door design for easy access to the operator control system, as well as a ladder near the front for easy access to the enclosure roof for exterior maintenance needs.

Axiom Equipment Group offers the patented IQ System® as an air compressor accessory for cleaner air. This system features an onboard aftercooler with 20 degrees approach, coalescing dual filtration system and an exclusive, zero-discharge condensate removal system – all of which work together to protect air compressors from contaminants to increase compressor productivity.

To submit your RFQ online, simply click the ‘Get Quote’ button below each product. We will review your request and get back to you right away. For immediate assistance, please call 1-844-732-9466

Doosan HP1600WCU-T4F Air Compressor

Doosan HP915WCU-T4F Air Compressor

Doosan P185WJD-T4i Air Compressor

Doosan P250/HP210WDO-T4F

Doosan XP375 Air Compressor

Doosan XP825/HP750WCU-T4F Dual Pressure & Dual Flow Air Compressor


We've got a financing option to fit every budget. Flexible purchasing options include: leasing, rental purchases, rent buy-outs, rentals and standard purchases.


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