HLT-6100 Solar Diesel Hybrid LED Light Tower

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Through advanced hybrid technology and solar power, the Metrolite HLT-6100 Solar Diesel Hybrid LED Light Tower uses daylight to efficiently, continually and cost-effectively illuminate your construction jobsite at night.

The low fuel consumption of the HLT-6100 Solar Diesel Hybrid LED Light Tower provides savings up to 28 litres of diesel per night, with increased savings for 24 hr runtime. The reduced need for engine maintenance (a maximum of 4 times per year due to the low run-time of the engine) provides further cost-savings and allows you to spend more time on your operations.

Additionally, the advanced technology of this hybrid lighter tower provides 6-8 hours of LED floodlight run-time on the battery-bank only – ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted.

The high-efficiency and long run time of this LED light tower make it a great option for 24/7 operations in the mining , oil and gas, and industrial construction industries as well as emergency response, special events, rural, military and hard-to-reach applications.


  • Hybrid technology: combined Solar Energy with DC generator makes this Hybrid LED Light Tower environmentally-friendly
  • Great for 24/7 operations like mining, oil & gas, rental and construction operations
  • 6-8 hours run time of the LED floodlights on the battery-bank only
  • Max. 3-4 hours engine run time per 10 hour night
  • Very little CO2 and noise emission, because of the battery-bank – ideal for use in residential areas because of low sound emission
  • 24V DC-powered system and battery-bank are safe to use on site (low voltage no explosion risks)
  • Lower operational costs by saving up to 28 litres of diesel per night (savings increase with 24 hr use)
  • Reduce engine maintenance to max. 4 times per year because of the low run time of the engine instead of every month with a conventional light tower (250-400 hour run time)
  • Reduce labour costs and spillage by refueling only once every 30-45 days instead of every 2-3 days with a conventional light tower
  • Optional DSE interface for remote operation
  • Engine and fuel level monitoring, remote switch abilities for lights and Geofencing with GPS position

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