Ride-On Trowel

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Product Information

The CRT36, 36-inch, ride-on trowel line offers quality results, high productivity and operator comfort. This machine can be easily moved around the job site by one person, it can be raised and lowered with jacks that at eh back of the machine. During operation, the wheel kit does not block the operator’s line of sight.

This ride-on trowel is optimally balanced, therefore they can be effortlessly controlled in the wide range of speeds. The transmission brake, electronic safety switch and engine speed sensor offer additional triple protection for the user. In an emergency situation the device will simply switch off and the handle will come to a stand-still after no more than a three-quarter turn.

Furthermore, the unit will only start if the throttle lever is set to zero. This prevents an inadvertent rotation of the handle on start-up.

  • The balanced power-to-weight ratio allows for optimal maneuverability.
  • The sensitive, ergonomically designed twin-lever controls reduces amount of force that is required to control the machine but still provides feedback from concrete conditions for better floating and high production finishing jobs.
  • The unique variable clutch offers proper torque and speed range to match concrete conditions without having to make any mechanical adjustments.
  • The operator has great visibility because of the front and rear lights come standard – they are especially useful in dimly lit and night operations.
  • The ride-on trowel models are designed for the cost-conscious concrete contractor. The units have the basic features which mean a lower priced option, but still maintain the ability to meet demanding quality finishing specifications.
  • Comes with a high capacity centrifugal clutch.
  • Additional models such as CRT48, CRT48 available with power steering, CRT60, are available upon request.
  • A Wacker Neuson Product.


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