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Product Information

The TransCube Global is a line of transportable, environmentally friendly double-walled fuel storage tanks that offer an efficient solution for onsite fueling and auxiliary fuel supply for your industrial construction jobsite.

Meeting multiple worldwide transport regulations, the TransCube can transport fuel safely anywhere you need it.

With its fully transportable design and ability to fuel up to three pieces of equipment simultaneously, a TransCube will save you time and can double or triple the run times of your equipment. For logistically challenging sites that require fuel, the TransCube can be safely lifted by crane, or forklifted precisely and quickly.

The well vented, weather-tight secondary containment facility is 110% fluid contained, providing absolute environmental protection.

Transcube Global Range:

  • 50TCG (4,700 Litres)
  • 30TCG (3,000 Litres)
  • 20TCG (2,000 Litres)
  • 10TCG (1,000 Litres)
  • 05TCG (500 Litres)

Transcube Global Specifications 
Model Capacity  Dimensions Inches/(mm) Weight LBS/(Kg)
Litres US Gallons IMP Gallons Length Width Height Empty  Full
05TCG 500 132 110 45 1/4″ (1155mm) 45 1/4″ (1155mm) 33″ (838mm) 965 LBS (437 KG) 1901 LBS (862 KG)
10TCG 1000 264 220 45 1/4″ (1155mm) 45 1/4″ (1155mm) 52″ (1320mm) 1118 LBS (508 KG) 2994 LBS (1358 KG)
20TCG 2000 528 440 86 1/4″ (2190mm) 45 1/4″ (1155mm) 52″ (1320mm) 1825 LBS (828 KG) 5574 LBS (2528 KG)
30TCG 3000 792 660 90 1/2″ (2300mm) 59 1/8″ (1500mm) 52″ (1320mm) 2153 LBS (972 KG) 7765 LBS (3522 KG)
50TCG 4700 1240 1035 90 1/2″ (2300mm) 90 1/2″ (2300mm) 52″ (1320mm) 3567 LBS (1618 KG) 12235 LBS (5550 KG)

  • Baffles inside the inner tank prevents fuel surges during transport as well as preventing unstable and dangerous loads.
  • Four corner brackets and fork lift pockets provide secure, strong and reliable tie down points for loading transportation.
  • Corner brackets also allow for stacking which increases usable space and allows for efficient logistics.
  • Comes in many sizes and configurations from 110 gallon/500 liters to 1,241 gallon/4,700 liters. 110 gallon/500 liters to 790 gallon/3,000 liters
  • Units are trailer mountable making for a fully mobile refuel unit with locking lids.
  • Available for Gasoline, Diesel, Avgas, etc.
  • This double wall fuel containment/transport unit is certified for fuel transport under Transport Canada and DOT regulations. It is also ULC approved for fuel storage.
  • Compatible with all equipment from Axiom.


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