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Trench Rollers

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Product Information

Wacker Neuson rollers are often considered the standard in the construction industry. They have been designed for prime production as well as for their performance and durability. They are powered by the exclusive WM 80 engine, designed and built by Wacker Neuson. With its catalytic converter, the emissions rest well below the air emission standards. These products are the most environmentally friendly gasoline rammer engines in the market. Automatic shutoff feature will shut down the engine if left idling for 10 minutes, which gives it additional fuel and emission savings.

  • Patented three receiving eye design eliminates signal loss from trench shoring while retaining the line-of-sight control of the roller. With 16 channel transmission, multiple rollers can be operated on the same jobsite without interference from one another.
  • RTx model offers flexible drums that allows for convenient conversion from 32 in/82 cm to 22in/56 cm. The easily removable extensions have a central mount system that protects the bolts from exposure to damage during operation.
  • The articulated joint increases maneuverability and the low center of gravity improves stability. High and low compaction force provides flexibility depending on the job.
  • The lower end is completely maintenance-free due to the self-lubricating design of the drive and the exciter.
  • The engine control module with diagnostic LEDs monitors machine functions such as oil pressure, radiator level, engine temperature, glow plug, battery and air filter capacity for easy operation and troubleshooting.


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