Equipment Refurbishment

Refurbished Equipment Services

Extend the lifetime of your equipment with our refurbishment program. Our service team will ensure that your equipment complies with current safety regulations, looks like new and operates at peak performance. With a zero downtime commitment, this is just one more way that we deliver on our promise! Maximize your return on investment by considering equipment refurbishment.

Axiom offers 3 flexible options for this program:

1. Purchase a refurbished unit from us to either start or expand your fleet!

2. Already have your own equipment?  No problem, trade it in for a refurbished unit!

3. Already own your own equipment and want to keep it? Send it to Axiom, and we will refurbish it and send it back!


SAFETY: With an ever increasing focus on safety we need to ensure our equipment is in top condition, is certified and inspected and has all the stickers required. No one wants to be written up or worse yet, fined by Occupation Health and Safety!

INCREASED RELIABILITY: When we are on job sites we need to ensure we are productive 100% of the time.  Nothing is more frustrating than equipment downtime! With the Axiom Refurb, we can dramatically reduce this by taking care of the problems with equipment before they happen.

COST: Why buy a new machine when you can purchase an Axiom Refurb for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.  These machines have the same warranty available as new ones and are completely certified, inspected and ready to work! Use those extra capital funds for another purchase!

APPEARANCE: Your company image may be at stake! A great image instills confidence! Why not freshen up your equipment with an Axiom Refurb and enjoy the confidence of your clients, employees and suppliers?

PEACE OF MIND: You should know exactly what you are buying!  That’s why all machines come with all the documentation so that you know exactly when the inspections and certifications were completed and how long they are valid.

ADDED RESALE VALUE: Want to sell your equipment? Why not have it refurbished by Axiom to increase the resale value!  Not only will you be able to sell your equipment for more, but your equipment will be the first to sell!


Throughout our time as a longstanding equipment supplier, we have identified some reoccurring problem areas with heavily-used equipment, requiring periodic maintenance or replacement. With our proactive maintenance approach, our goal is to fix the issues before they cause long-term damage and need to be replaced entirely. Our standard refurb includes these items:

  •  New paint and decals.
  •  Misc switches and sensors.
  •  New platform control box.
  • Manufacturers recommended annual inspection c/w documentation.
  •  New battery charger.
  • Non-destructive structural inspection c/w documentation.
  •  New batteries.
  • Warranty options.
  •  New wheels.

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