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Duncan Olsen

Date Published: November 6, 2019

Client’s Testimonial on Our Jobsite Equipment Parts and Service

As an equipment manager on a major Construction Project in Northern Canada I deal with a large number of Vendors, in my dealings on this particular project I was fortunate enough to come into contact with Axiom; right from the very first meeting I found the Team at Axiom to be enthusiastic, energetic and very professional, they always go the extra mile, I can call them any time of day any day of the week Axiom is always there for me, in time we formed what can best be described as a partnership, I have relied on them heavily to deliver quality products in a timely fashion Axiom Never lets me down – at the end of the day Axiom’s after sales service is truly what separates them from the pack , as this project winds down and I begin to look for the next big opportunity I know that my first call will be to Axiom!

I think the best word to describe Axiom is ‘Professionalism’